Energy efficiency

Efficient energy management in production can be a decisive cost advantage and thus increase the competitiveness of a company. There is considerable potential for optimization not only in energy-intensive industries. In particular, the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises can be strengthened by achievable savings in energy wastage.


Energy management is the sum of all the measures that are planned and implemented in order to ensure a minimum energy use for the required performance. And in many production plants in the manufacturing industry there is a clear potential for saving energy: For example, customized automation solutions can bring about the improvement of procedures and processes. As a result, plants are utilized more efficiently and thus unnecessary energy consumption due to downtime is avoided, which ultimately leads to a reduction in production costs.


Selected advantages of efficient energy management:

  • Transparency of energy flows and energy use
  • Energy cost reductions
  • Optimized energy procurement
  • Risk minimization against fluctuating energy prices
  • Environmental protection & sustainable management


However, the basis for increasing energy efficiency is the systematic collection and analysis of energy use: In order to uncover potential savings and identify changes, the entire energy flow of the company must be recorded and documented. Within the framework of a Smart Factory in the sense of the Industry 4.0 – i.e. a cross-vendor networked production – almost all data required for this is already available and do not have to be collected in an expensive way.