Industry Business Network 4.0 – Germany

Start of the project Green SmartFactory 4.0

The first participants of the Green SmartFactory 4.0 project will start in June 2020 – with the common goal of interconnecting assets with IndustryFusion, the cross-manufacturer IIoT connectivity solution and creating interoperable Industry 4.0 products by the Schweissen & Schneiden 2021 trade fair.


The working groups of the project Green SmartFactory 4.0 are the launch pad for the hands-on connectivity with IndustryFusion – the open source project of the Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V. for the cross-vendor connectivity of different assets (machines, components, applications …) in a Smart Factory. With the partners Intel, 1&1 Ionos, Iteratec, codecentric, Thomas-Krenn.AG, 5eEcosystems and DECENT, IndustryFusion was created as a future-proof, scalable open source reference architecture that is independent of a specific IoT platform provider and can also be used freely for the implementation of commercial products.

In the project’s working groups, each participant now gets the opportunity and the tools to integrate his assets, implement Industry 4.0 Use Cases and build new digital customer solutions. Participants will continuously present their results in the “SmartFactory@IBN4.0”, the association’s new, cross-location digital demo factory. In concrete terms, this means that regardless of the location of the respective assets, they can be integrated into SmartFactory@IBN4.0 and are interconnected with each other – the aim is to make all connected showrooms/assets with different use cases transparently visible 24/7.

All this with the primary goal of bringing interoperable Industry 4.0 products and solutions to the market by 2021 at the latest. The participants will be supported by the implementation partners from the software & hardware sector such as Intel, Iteratec, codecentric, Thomas Krenn, 1&1 Ionos. These partners contribute their expertise to accelerate development and bring innovations to the market more quickly.


Do you want to interconnect your assets cross-vendor too
and build new digital customer solutions?



What is actually being worked on and by whom within the working group?



Tasks working group

  • Definition of which data are supposed to be transmitted from a certain asset type
  • » Outcome: Textual description of the asset capability profile

Tasks machine manufacturer

  • Provision of the necessary data at the control system interface (if necessary, addition of required sensors and integration into the control system)
  • » Outcome: Machines prepared according to the specified version of the asset capability profile

Tasks implementation partner

  • Implementation of new versions of the asset capability profile
  • Update of the asset driver (per machine)
  • » Outcome: Implemented asset capability profile and connected assets


Machine Connection / Connectivity

Tasks working group

  • Manual for adapting the control system interface for machine manufacturers

Tasks machine manufacturer

  • Selection of the machine type
  • Adaptation of the machine control system / creation of an interface
  • Physical connection of the machine on site (e.g. showroom)

Tasks implementation partner

  • Machine Gateway / SmartBox
  • Implementation of the asset capability profile (v0.1) and the asset driver
  • Connection to Cloud to display the “SmartFactory@IBN4.0”
  • Creating access to the dashboard of “SmartFactory@IBN4.0” with all assets involved, stürmsfs as well as the test and competence centers



Tasks working group

  • Definition and description of the use cases
  • Derivation of user stories/features to be implemented
  • » Outcome: Textual description of use cases and user stories (features)

Tasks machine manufacturer

  • Upgrade of machine, control system and interface for the implementation of those new use case
  • » Outcome: Machines prepared for new use cases

Tasks implementation partner

  • Breaking down user stories in SW features
  • Implementation of those new SW features
  • » Outcome: Implemented features for defined use cases



Joint marketing of the working group members:

  • Machine logo “Connected to IndustryFusion” for each asset
  • Social media posts and press releases
  • Events
  • » Outcome: High-visibility presentation of the results of the “SmartFactory@IBN4.0”


Roadmap 2020/21


What is included in the participation in the project?

  • Project organization and management
  • Overall project management, planning and coordination of project activities, milestones, deadlines and resources, creation of working groups and tracking of tasks, onboarding and coordination of implementation partners
  • Access to documents and participation in the definition/standardisation of asset capability profiles
  • Participation in the definition of requirements for further development of IndustryFusion open source software, contribution to the implementation of new features
  • Access and visibility in the “SmartFactory@IBN4.0”
  • Consultancy and explanation of terminology for Industry 4.0 (Digital Twin, RAMI 4.0, …) in general
  • Consultancy regarding the required machine adaptation according to Industry 4.0
  • Consultancy regarding funding of research & development
  • Definition of use cases and derivation of applications/digital services in associated sub-projects (e.g. SmartFiltering, Production Sharing, …)
  • Updates & Upgrades during project runtime » All members benefit from new features of the Open Source project
  • Marketing & Advertising


You like the approach and would like to participate?